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About Trust Services

Trust Services Inc. ("TSI") processes claims for the NGC Bodily Injury Trust. TSI is a trust-owned service company located in Greenville, Texas, and was established to service asbestos settlement trusts. TSI is jointly owned by the NGC Bodily Injury Trust and the Fuller-Austin Asbestos Settlement Trust. TSI provides a full spectrum of services, including financial management, treasury, claims handling, insurance litigation and operations management, to trusts that have been established by federal courts.

From 1997-2006, TSI operated the Property Damage Claims Facility for the Celotex Asbestos Settlement Trust. This operation reviewed and determined approximately 5,000 asbestos property damage claims. The total allowed costs of these claims are expected to be approximately $2 billion. As part of the Celotex assignment, TSI has also coordinated an extensive alternative dispute resolution process to adjudicate, on appeal, final determination of the property damage claims.

In December 1998, the Fuller-Austin Plan of Reorganization became effective and the Fuller-Austin Asbestos Settlement Trust ("FAST") began to use TSI as its operating service provider for comprehensive services. This arrangement led to a transfer of the ownership of TSI to the NGC Settlement Trust (and more recently to the NGC Bodily Injury Trust) and FAST.

In 1999 and 2000, TSI also acted as the property damage claims facility for the Eagle-Picher Property Damage Trust. This appointment was made by the National Association of Attorneys General and confirmed by the Eagle-Picher bankruptcy court.

More recent bodily injury client-trusts include the Swan Asbestos & Silica Settlement Trust, the Clemtex Silica Settlement Trust, the Utex Industries, Inc. Asbestos SettlementTrust and the Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Corporation Silica PI Trust. In 2006,the USM Asbestos PD Trust selected TSI to provide services for its property damage claims. TSI is providing a complete range of trust management and claims handling services for each of these client-trusts.

As part of the services performed for bodily injury trusts, TSI has internally developed and currently operates a state-of-the-art bodily injury claims processing system and facility. It is the first asbestos bodily injury claims facility to provide and encourage electronic filing and resolution. The bodily injury claims system is designed to increase efficiency by evaluating a large percentage of the information electronically and allowing facility staff to correspond with claimant representatives via email. This eliminates most of the cost and time delays associated with the use of mail and delivery services.

TSI is committed to providing quality, low-cost services to its clients. It is especially responsive to client needs, recognizing that different cases have both different constituencies and changing requirements.