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Frequently Asked Questions

Claims Submissions

Responses for Individuals Considering Filing Their Claim without Benefit of Legal Counsel


How can claim forms be obtained for filing a claim with the NGCBIT?

To receive a claim form packet including instructions, please contact the NG Facility at (903) 453-0158.

Should I consult my own attorney regarding the filing of a claim against the NGC Trust?

THE NGC TRUST DOES NOT PROVIDE LEGAL ADVICE AND THE INFORMATION CONTAINED ON THIS WEBSITE AND IN THE FORMS AND INSTRUCTIONS PROVIDED BY THE NGCBIT ARE NOT INTENDED TO, NOR DOES IT, CONSTITUTE LEGAL ADVICE. If you have an attorney, please consult with him or her for legal advice about whether you have a claim that might be allowed by the NGCBIT and, if so, how to comply with the requirements to file such claim.

If I am represented by an attorney, may that attorney file the claim for me?

Yes. Your attorney may file your claim for you. If your attorney has been certified by us to file claims electronically, he or she may file such claim electronically using this website. Otherwise, your attorney may file your claim as a paper claim form. The NGCBIT will require your attorney to certify that you have authorized him or her to file the claim on your behalf. If a claim has been filed for you, by your attorney, you may not file a claim on your own behalf as a pro se claimant. Some of the documents that your attorney will be required to submit on your behalf may have to be executed by you.

Does the NGCBIT establish any limits on attorney fees?

No, the NGCBIT does not establish any limits on attorney fees.

What materials are needed to file a claim?

Documentation supporting the claimed asbestos-related disease and the claimed exposure to NGC asbestos product(s) must be provided. Please refer to the applicable claim filing instructions for additional information. Click
here to review these documents.

Why can't you release information about my claim to me if my claim has been filed by my attorney?

The Trust may only provide information about a claim to the authorized claimant representative as named in the claim form, in this example, your attorney.

If I am not represented by an attorney, may I file a claim electronically through this website?

No. If you are not represented by an attorney, you must submit a paper claim form. You have the option to submit an Expedited Review Claim or an Individualized Review Claim. To obtain a Pro Se Claim Packet, please contact Jackey Ferrell at (800) 580-2191 ext. 192
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